Installation of Officers 2024

Union Held its annual Installation of Officers on January 13th. Congratulations to the Truckroom and Company Officers of 2024!

Truckroom Officers:

Chief: Justin Miller

1st. Assistant Chief: William R. Weber

2nd Assistant Chief: Philip Wzientek

Fire Captain: Thomas Wzientek

EMS Captain: Joelle VanDewater

Lieutenant: Al Calderone

Lieutenant: Andrew Kalczynski

Truckroom Secretary: Donald B. Littler

Equipment Officers:

Amelia Weber

Brian Gurowski

Baylei Oscypala

Gretchen McGiveron

Luke Marino

Scott Becker

Company Officers:

President: Scott Becker

Vice-President: Lauren Hare

Recording Secretary: George Northem

Sgt. At Arms: Stanley Pajak

Treasurer: Sandra Krawczyk

Financial Secretary: David Monolopolus

Pictured (Left to Right) : Gretchen McGiveron, Amelia Weber, Baylei Oscypala, Andrew Kalczynski, William Weber, Justin Miller, Philip Wzientek, Tom Wzientek, Donald Littler, Luke Marino, Joelle VanDewater, Al Calderone